Selected exhibition catalogues (solo)
Margalith. Exh. cat. Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art. Tel Aviv, 2007.
Hanging. Exh. cat. The Israeli Center for Digital Art. Holon, 2002.
I Told You So. Exh. cat. Herzliya Museum of Art. Tel Aviv, 1998.
6 Moving Images. Edited by Surin Heler. Exh. cat. Janco Dada Museum. Ein Hod, 1997.
Well, Let’s Get Rid of It. Edited by Ilana Tenenbaum. Exh. cat. Borochov Gallery. Tel Aviv, 1994.

Artist book
Aya Ben Ron: FIRST AID. Edited by Michael Gedalyovich Kesus. Limited edition of 450 numbered and signed copies. Tel Aviv, 2003.

Selected exhibition catalogues (group)
SOUVENIRS - Manofim 2011. Edited by Michal Gedalyovich Kesus. Exh. cat. Tower of David, Museum of the History of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, 2011.
Spin Off: Contemporary Art Circling the Manadala. Edited by Evelyn Tauben. Exh. cat. The Koffler Centre of the Arts. Toronto, 2011.
Another World Is Possible. Edited by Maayan Amir. Exh. cat. Yaffo 23. Jerusalem, 2011.
Life: A User’s Manual. Edited by Aya Meiron. Exh. cat. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 2011.
Prizes in Art and Design - 2008 Winners. Edited by The Ministry of Education and Culture. Exh. cat. Ein Harod Museum of Art. Jeruslem, 2009.
Standard Deviation. Edited by Shelef Maayan. Exh. cat. The Center for Contemporary Art. Tel Aviv, 2009.
Darkside II – Photographic Power and Violence, Disease, and Death Photographed. Edited by Urs Stahel. Exh. cat. Fotomuseum Winterthur. Göttingen, 2009.
Real Time, Art in Israel 1998-2008. Edited by Amitai Mendelson. Exh. cat. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 2008.
Twisted Reality. Edited by Irena Gordon. Exh. cat. The Israeli Center for Digital Art. Holon, 2008.
The Home of Others – Video Art and Photography by Contemporary Israeli Artists. Edited by Aya Miron. Exh. cat. Anna Ticho House / The Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 2008.
Etching, Scratches and Scars - Changing representations of the Israeli soldier. Edited by Sigal Barkai. Exh. cat. Petach Tikva Museum. Petach Tikva, 2008.
Reshamim 3, The Israeli Biennale for drawing. Edited by Irena Gordon and Dalia Manor. Exh. cat. Jerusalem Print Workshop. Jerusalem, 2007.
Knocking On The Door. Edited by Kim-Mi Jin. Exh. cat. The International Incheon Women Artist’s Biennale. Incheon, 2007.
Schmerz. Kunst + Wissenschaft. Edited by Dr. Eugen Blume, Annemarie Hürlimann and Dr. Thomas Schnalke. Exh. cat. Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart. Köln, 2007.
On A Small Scale. Edited by Arik Kilemnik. Exh. cat. Jerusalem Print Workshop. Jerusalem, 2007.
Como Viver Junto. Edited by Lisette Lagnado and Adriano Pedrosa. Exh. cat. Bienal de São Paulo 2006. São Paulo, 2006.
A Rich Seam. Edited by Hagai Segev. Exh. cat. Petach-Tikva Museum. Petach Tikva, 2006.
Illness Report. Edited by Haim Maor. Exh. cat. The Art Gallery at Ben-Gurion University. Beer-Sheva, 2006.
Prizes in Art and Design - 2006 Winners. Edited by The Ministry of Education and Culture. Exh. cat. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 2006.
Far and Away: The Fantasy of Japan in Contemporary Israeli Art. Edited by Mira Lapidot. Exh. cat. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 2006.
Wounds and Bandaging. Edited by Efi Gen. Exh. cat. Art Gallery Um el-Fahem. Um el-Fahem, 2005.
Why Don’t You Say it? Edited by Michal Heian. Exh. cat. Herzliya Museum of Art. Herzliya, 2005.
Gewalt. Edited by Suhail Malik. Exh. cat. Loushi Art & Edition. Tel Aviv, 2004.
Hilchot Shchenim A. Edited by Galit Eilat. Exh. cat. The Israeli Centre for Digital Art. Holon, 2003.
Overcraft – Obsession, Decoration and Biting Beauty. Edited by Tami Katz-Freiman. Exh. cat. Haifa University Art Gallery. Haifa, 2003.
Prizes in Art and Design - 2002 Winners. Edited by The Ministry of Education and Culture. Exh. cat. Tel Aviv Museum. Tel Aviv, 2002.
Atoms in the Family. Edited by Cecilia Anderson. Exh. cat. International 3 Gallery. Manchester, 2002.
The Art-Image of Science. Exh. cat. National Museum of Natural Science. Taichung, 2002.
Clastic. Exh. cat. Loushy Art & Editions. Tel Aviv, 2001.
FRONT. Edited by Charles Campbell and Suhail Malik. Exh. cat. bilis. London, 2000.
La Coscienza Luccicante. Edited by Paola Sega Serra Zanetti and Maria Grazia Tolomeo. Exh. cat. Palazzo Eposizioni. Rome, 1998.
CONDITION REPORT - Photography In Israel Today. Edited by Nisan Perez. Exh. cat. The Israel Museum. Jerusalem, 1998.
From Both Sides of The Mediterranean. Edited by Hili Govrin. Exh. cat. Museum of Art Bat-Yam. Bat-Yam 1996.
Creality. Edited by Monica Lavie and Ofer Zeevi. Exh. cat. The Art Gallery. Yavne, 1996.

Selected Articles in magazines, journals & newspapers
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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Ed.): Odyssey, Issue 6, November 2010.
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Selected Websites
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